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Purpose Made Me Do It is a developing, faith-based organization based in Nassau, Bahamas. We were founded on November 11th, 2016 by Ms. Katherine Coakley Rolle. While we are mostly operation within the islands of the Bahamas, we have had incredible opportunities to share our message and have an impact in other regions of the world, including the US and Africa.
Our team is comprised of five individuals who are skilled in their prospective crafts, but most importantly have a heart for service, a passion for purpose, and believe in the power of  helping the community.

We’ve realized that the secret to living an abundant life is hidden in the reason for our existence: purpose! And because of this, we are dedicated to helping people all over the world understand and pursue their purpose and experience the fullness of what their lives have to offer.
We aim to empower, inspire and ignite flames of passion that lead to action in the lives of people through various teachings, motivational talks, and community outreach. We promote the need for the understanding of identity, self-awareness, inner healing and authenticity in order to truly lay hold of our unique assignments here on this earth. We strive to accomplish these goals through various activities such as counselling, small group sessions, empowerment and outreach events.
It is our desire to take the message of purpose throughout the world to ensure that people will encounter and embrace their best selves while living their best lives.