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Katherine is a people person by nature, and a purpose agent by calling. She devoted herself to the pursuit of purpose in May of 2016 when she left her job as a quickly developing Human Resource Specialist in offshore banking to pursue full – time ministry.

Her transition to the fateful yet unpredictable path of ministry birthed ‘Purpose Made Me Do It’, a faith-based, non-profit organization that is founded on the belief that the pursuit of purpose through faith, authenticity, and community is a fundamental part of the human experience. The organization is geared towards providing assistance to lives and communities in need. And seeks to promote the reality of purpose to everyday people in all walks of life.

Katherine’s passion for  leading and helping the helpless  perhaps began in her own home where she is the eldest of five where she served as a leader among her siblings and strives to live a life that testifies of the power of intentionality. Her natural influence in the lives of people has led her to speak at and interact with  persons all over the world. She has committed herself to fostering community in unsuspecting yet ideal places, and is an advocate of individuality and the power of purposeful interactions.

Katherine is a diverse communicator, and has held themed events for diverse age groups that catered to specific needs within the targeted demographic. In addition to she has hosted events  that has been geared towards the discovery of purpose, outreach in communities and the occasional school tours where she speaks to students as they transition into the other sphere of life.

Katherine is an engaging and accomplished event host, panelist, moderator and preacher, and has had the opportunity to spread the message of purpose to varied age groups at local churches, youth groups, women’s gatherings as far as Zambia, Africa. Her propensity for compassion and cultural awareness has shaped her into an adaptable and wise woman of faith.

Katherine was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, and has somehow managed to flourish in a close-knit community, and adapt a world perspective that is far beyond the shores of her island home, making her accessible to people from all cultures and walks of life. Away from the pulpit, Katherine is incredibly devoted to healthy, whole families. She strives to lead by example, and promote Kingdom familial values in word and deed. She is an avid social media user, and uses social platforms to further promote the message of purpose in a more relatable and relevant way, as well as to chime in on pressing social issues and, frequently engage the humorous side of life. In addition to her passion for purpose, she is passionate about sincere friendships, the advancement of perspective through travel, and one of the most delightful aspects of the human experience: food.

She laughs often, loves deeply, and truly believes that with faith, all things are possible.