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When we think of the word purpose we often think selfishly, where we are empowered to be great and reap amazing things. And although purpose does yield such promising rewards. Ultimately, purpose aims to serve someone else. Your purpose is always the provision or solution to someone’s problem.

Today, we see that people are consumed with achieving but what have you really done if all your achievements are without impact? In the book of Genesis, we see the Heavenly Father strategically and specifically creates various purposes to serve the uniqueness of each other’s need. Just as the sun nourishes the trees and the stars sparkle in alignment with night so is your purpose coupled with someone’s life. Every day of your life some girl, boy, organization is waiting on the beauty of what you have to offer.

As you pursue your purpose and you discover your voice in the earth, remember that your lane sets you apart and staying in it ensures your win. You never have to compete or fight for a space because your purpose introduces you to a limitless life .Vow to become opportunity in a fallen society.

My Purpose has a Purpose.