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Sitting here on the beach and the word “evidence” hit my spirit. We are people that are driven by proof, evidence, and results. We buy diet pills because of evidence, go to shows because of reviews, and travel on planes because of proof of survival. We have become people that support nothing without a glimmer of guarantee. We need to see, feel, taste or touch it just enough to commit. Because we fear rejection, misalignment and loss. But just because we don’t have the evidence as to where we are, what we have or who we are does not mean we are not credible. Just because Yahweh has positioned you where you are empty handed does not mean you are misaligned. Just because your business is not producing profits does not mean it was built premature. Just because your conference did not have a great turn out does not mean you don’t have a message. Just because Yahweh is speaking the way you want does not mean he isn’t speaking. There is so much I can highlight in this post that can make you really think. We commit based on evidence and that must change for us to fully pursue faith in its highest form. As you transition into 2018 choose to see everything through the eyes of faith. Don’t give up prematurely, don’t write people off because of outdated feelings and information. Don’t stop sowing, working and sacrificing because it seems to be in vein. Yahweh has not forgotten where he positioned you. You are in the GPS of heaven, so he knows what you don’t have, where you are and what you need. Don’t move! When Yahweh sees that you are willing to commit your life to it without proof he can trust you with the responsibility of more. Don’t move!


When Faith Speaks

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  • 3 January 2018 at 17:48


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